Published on December 8, 2016 by TheLinuxFoundation

(Ab)using Linux as a Trusted Bootloader – Eric Richter, IBM

Petitboot is a kexec-based bootloader that (ab)uses Linux to boot Linux, and is used as part of OpenPOWER firmware. By leveraging the linux-integrity subsystem, minimal kernel modifications are needed to transform Petitboot into a trusted boot loader. This talk will provide an overview of Petitboot, describe trusted boot on OpenPOWER and the changes to the kernel required to make it a trusted bootloader. This work also lays a foundation for using Petitboot as a secure bootloader.

About Eric Richter

Eric Richter is a software developer for the Linux Technology Center in IBM. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at Clarkson University. At Clarkson, he participated as a member and director of the Clarkson Open Source Institute: a student-run organization focused on the promotion and development of free and open source software. He started at IBM in June of 2015 as part of a team designing and developing trusted boot for Linux on POWER.

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