Published on December 19, 2016 by Treehouse

Here’s the news from Treehouse for the week of December 16th

Build a Simple Web App with Sinatra
Sinatra is a simpler alternative to Ruby on Rails. In Build a Simple Web App with Sinatra you’ll create a wiki app from scratch using the Sinatra Framework.

Locomotion in VR
While Room Scale VR games allow us to walk around a bit, we can’t go very far. Learn some locomotion techniques, like teleportation, so that you can allow players to traverse large distances and expand your gameplay area in Locomotion in VR.

Error Handling in Swift 3
Writing code that is completely free of errors is very difficult if not impossible, but we can take steps to ensure that our code contains as few errors as possible in Error Handling in Swift 3.

How MailChimp Uses Treehouse to Encourage a Culture of Learning
On the blog, Faye writes about how Mailchimp uses Treehouse to encourage a culture of learning. We had the opportunity to fly out to Atlanta, GA to visit MailChimp HQ and chat to their awesome team about company culture, their motto “Listen Hard. Change Fast,” and how learning with Treehouse fits into the day-to-day work of different teams.

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