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Here’s the news from Treehouse for the week of December 2nd

JS: Introduction to React Native
React Native is a JavaScript library that lets you build mobile apps for iOS and Android. It uses the same design as react, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components following the principle, “Learn Once, write anywhere” Learn the benefits of developing iOS apps with React Native in Introduction to React native.

Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift 3
Build your first iPhone app using the Swift language. Learn the history of iOS and how apps are structured at a high level while building an app that shows off fun facts.

Object-Oriented Swift 3
Object Oriented programming is a major paradigm that you’ll encounter regardless of domain. In this course you’ll learn how to create custom data types using structure and classes.

Swift 3 Enums and Optionals
Two of Swift’s most novel features over Objective-C are the extended power of enumerations and the language features to deal with nil values. In this course you’ll explore enumerations in Swift.

Defining Variables with let and const
For most of JavaScript’s life, there’s been only one way to create, or “declare”, a variable: the var keyword. In the latest version of JavaScript there are two new ways: const and let.

Announcing the Treehouse Scholarship Program for NonProfits
On Giving Tuesday, we announced a Treehouse scholarship program for nonprofits who provide support to Veterans and their families, underrepresented populations in tech, and socio-economically disadvantaged populations. Our first 3 scholarship recipients are OperationCode, Path Forward, and Launch Code. Do you know of a nonprofit organization that could benefit from a Treehouse scholarship, let us know! 🙂

Highlights from Nodevember JS and Node Conference
Nodevember is a 2 day conference touching on all aspects of JavaScript and Node. Read James Churchill’s conference notes in Highlights from Nodevember JS and Node Conference.

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