Published on November 14, 2016 by Treehouse

Here’s the news from Treehouse for the week of November 11th

JavaScript & The DOM
Learn how to make static pages interactive with JavaScript in JavaScript & The DOM. By the end of the course, you’ll be able select, manipulate, and listen to the DOM in order to make an RSVP party management app.

Arrow Function Syntax
Learn how to convert some traditional functions into the more modern ES 2015 syntax in ‘Arrow Function Syntax’

Swift 3 Collections & Control Flow
In Swift 3 Collections & Control Flow, you’ll learn about the collection types in Swift and how to add logic to your apps and execute code based on certain sets of conditions.

Functions in Swift 3
Functions allow us to write chunks of code that we can reuse. We’ll look at the syntax of functions in Swift 3 and learn how to write our own custom functions.

WS Getting Started with Realm PRO
Realm is a fast, modern mobile database that is a good alternative to Core Data or SQLite. Learn the basics of Realm and how to create apps quickly in Getting Started with Realm.

WS Deep Link in Android
Learn how to link directly from a web page to a specific part of your app in Deep Links in Android.

Getting Comfortable with Abstractions
Regardless of the language you’re using, understanding abstractions will help you learn the building blocks of your craft. Start thinking about abstractions in Getting Comfortable with Abstractions by Chris Ramacciotti on the Treehouse blog.

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