Published on November 15, 2016 by University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering

What’s This Movie About? Automatic Content Analysis and Summarization


Mirella Lapata
Movie analysis is an umbrella term for many tasks aiming to automatically interpret, extract, and summarize the content of a movie. Potential applications include generating shorter versions of scripts to help with the decision making process in a production company, enhancing movie recommendation engines by abstracting over specific keywords to more general concepts (e.g., thrillers with psychopaths), and notably generating movie previews.

In this talk I will illustrate how NLP-based models together with video analysis can be used to facilitate various steps in the movie production pipeline. I will formalize the process of generating a shorter version of a movie as the task of finding an optimal chain of scenes and present a graph-based model that selects a chain by jointly optimizing its logical progression, diversity, and importance. I will then apply this framework to screenplay summarization, a task which could enhance script browsing and speed up reading time. I will also show that by aligning the screenplay to the movie, the model can generate movie previews with minimal modification. Finally, I will discuss how the computational analysis of movies can lead to tools that automatically create movie “profiles” which give a first impression of the movie by describing its plot, mood, location, or style.

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Michiel van Hall
Michiel van Hall
11 months 6 days ago

Mirolla la wukong! rly nice strempi